What we do

GoGo Plastics – an initiative of artist Kevin van Braak – produces panels and products from 100% recycled plastic. Plastics from various waste streams are pressed by hand and recycled into unique, durable and waterproof panels for versatile use.

Commissioned by or in collaboration with the architect, interior stylist or designer, we realize the desired project. Whether a panel, table top or any other furnishing element, each object gives artistically and functionally shape to plastic waste.

Since GoGo’s panels and products are recycled and recyclable, they are suitable for a fully circular design and fit in the new sustainable economy.

Material use

Only existing waste plastic is used as raw material for the panels. We acquire material from various industrial, commercial and consumer waste streams. It is also possible to bring in your own plastic waste.

Each panel is assembled by hand, with an eye for beauty and detail, which makes every design unique. If desired, the original plastic product remains visible in shape and/or color in the end product, either as a statement or to raise awareness. Check out what else is possible here.