Laid Back

As part of the exhibition Kebun Sejarah, the artists have developed Laid Back. A new outdoor work in the Amstelpark.


Kevin van Braak


Kevin van Braak  in association with Peter Hopman


As part of the exhibition Kebun Sejarah, the artists have developed Laid Back , a new outdoor work in the Amstelpark.

Laid Back consists of 50 seating elements in various colors, made from 100% recycled plastic by GoGo Plastics. The form and function refer to the 1970s and the design of the Floriade. Circles, spheres and organic lines dominated the Floriade in 1972 and the seating elements made of recycled plastic respond to the theme of the upcoming Floriade in Almere in 2022, with the theme Growing Green Cities.

Peter Hopman and Kevin van Braak have taken a semicircle/ball with a diameter of 70 cm as their starting point. You can lean against the flat side while sitting on the floor. When you turn the Laid Back over, the element can also be used as a table. The object of the object is to invite the visitor to sit on the floor, eat and share stories.

Agung Kurniawan’s cocoa drawing has been milled onto some of the seating elements, creating a bridge to the Kebun Sejarah exhibition. In 2021 Laid Back will be placed around the Glass House and the idea is that the seating elements should be allowed to spread organically, because they are easily movable and playful in use. In 2022, Laid Back will also become part of the Shadow Floriade that Zone2Source organizes between April and October.

The exhibition can be seen from September 25 to November 28, 2021. For more information about the exhibition, see this link.

Foto’s van Thomas Lenden

Kebun Sejarah wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Zuid, het Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, het Mondriaanfonds en het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst / AFK, en Elho “Give Room to Nature” voor de plantenbakken in de glazen kassen.